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FOR SALE – 1090 Severson Road, Belleville, WI 53508 

CAMEO ROSE VICTORIAN COUNTRY INN – A bed and breakfast and timber paradise goldmine and future potential development.

Fabulous location, idyllic retreat and excellent investment on 120 scenic acres with managed forest of black walnut, oaks and pines, miles of hiking trails, nature pond with 3 waterfalls and screened gazebo, and perennial gardens with gazebos and pergolas. Cameo Rose Victorian Country Inn B&B is located 10-15 minutes from vibrant Madison and New Glarus (“America’s Little Switzerland”), and Epic Systems in Verona. Our B&B is ideal for a bed and breakfast, a private or corporate getaway, medical clinic or country law firm, horse ranch or wedding venue… This property should pay you back plus! See CameoRose.com and this website – WisconsinLandRetreatTimberInvestmentParadise.com.

Oops! We for got to mention it is a “GOLDMINE”.  Brian, from a Bellevue, Iowa hardwood mill said, we are “sitting on a goldmine” and we have the best cared for Black Walnut forest he has ever seen. He’s talking about the future timber value of the trees.  Then, in the future when Verona or Fitchburg grow to our borders, future land development should bring even greater profits.

If you buy it all, it should pay you back over 30 years in Black Walnut and hardwood timber sales and old growth harvest and B&B Inn income.  See the website on Growing Walnut Trees for Profit by Craig Wallin. And, you would still have the Home/Inn, the land, a regenerating forest and deer and wild turkeys. Future land development is extra – we are less than a mile from Fitchburg’s South border..

We are looking for a buyer or buyers or corporation that can afford to enjoy their own paradise and have the vision to recognize the value of our property and timber and future development.

If you have the money and are interested in buying, come and stay for a couple days and look it over. See CameoRose.com. If you are really, really interested and want to see the entire house and walk all the trails to see the trails, forest plantations and land arrangement – arrange a showing time and bring a Bank letter saying you have the funds to purchase.

Dawn & Gary Bahr, owners, 1090 Severson Rd, Belleville, WI 53508 Phone 608-424-6340.   EMAIL 


THE PACKAGE PRICE: Home and 120 Acres with timber rights and development rights. =  $2,200,000. Market may bring even more with the fast growing real estate values in Dane County.

See picture(s) on all pages of CAMEOROSE.COM and at for 1090 Severson Road, Belleville, WI.



Dawn and Gary Bahr bought a farm in 1989 and are now thinking about retirement. That means selling the Cameo Rose Victorian Country Inn and tree investment paradise. We would like to stay forever, or at least until we can harvest the Black Walnut trees during the next 15 and 30 years, and possibly sub-divide the land into lots thereafter or grow more black Walnut trees – if only our aging could be stopped or reversed. We love it here. We could stay forever unless some younger person(s) or corporation has the same vision.

After Gary retired from banking and real estate and Dawn retired from auto leasing administration, we built our home and bed and breakfast in 1991 and added a privacy addition in 1994. 

In 1994, we planted 32,000 pine and hardwood seedlings (16,000 each in every other row) on 52+ acres and entered a Managed Forest Land program in 1997 on 80 acres of woods (including 28 acres of old growth. 6,000 black walnut trees were included in the planting.

THE PERFECT PLAN = The goal was to have a very nice home in a beautiful setting (the Paradise), run a bed and breakfast for income (the retreat) and deduct depreciation and expenses, wait for the Black Walnut Trees to mature (the “Goldmine”) in 12 to 30 more years and wait for Fitchburg or Verona to grow to our land and possibly subdivide in the same 30 years after most of the Black Walnut trees are harvested. A regenerating hardwood forest would be a plus.




Our property is located at 1090 Severson Road, Belleville, WI. 53508. It is located 4 miles north of Belleville, 10 minutes south of vibrant Madison’s SW corner, 3 miles SE of Historic Paoli, a  mile SW of Fitchburg’s SW corner, 20 minutes south of Middleton, 15 minutes NE of New Glarus (Little Switzerland), 10 minutes south of Verona (home of Epic Systems) and 20 minutes SE of Mount Horeb (Little Norway). 


Our home and B&B was built by local builder, Joe Buol & Sons, in 1991 with a privacy addition added in 1994. The custom builder used fine materials including oak Morgan Doors from Oshkosh, WI and Anderson Windows.

The home is about 7000 or more square feet of finished space – including garage, plus 2-story and cathedral ceiling areas. Ideal for a corporate retreat or personal retreat, a large or extended family home and office, a bed and breakfast, 2-family home…

(By the way, Madison WI is the best place to raise children).

The home/inn could divide perfectly into 2 separate areas for extended family use if desired.

The basement Gazebo room could be used as a future 2nd kitchen/dining area or additional bedroom. Water hookup is in the North wall. Plumbing and electrical for a washer & dryer is in back furnace room. Home would divide easily between the 1991 and 1994 portions at the Gazebo Sunroom.

With 6 bedrooms plus a home office area complete with bath. There is a large loft above the master bedroom without the loft book shelves.

Cost to build this quality custom home today (2021) would likely exceed $200 per square feet or about $1,400,000 or more with the sq ft of cathedral and raise ceiling areas. Add $200,000 plus for about a 6-acre scenic and landscaped lot and mature trees + septic + well + pond + gazebos + pergolas + patios + brick and stone sidewalks. You get a lot of home in our price.

The total savings on the home and land value will allow the buyer to make any desired change in the home. Don’t like the carpet,  lace curtains or Wallpaper? – All easily replaced. Don’t like Victorian trim – just take it down. ETC. Want a huge living room – push the fireplace back and combine the LR & DR and use the Library/FR as a formal dining room complete with fireplace.


TOTAL ACRES = 120 scenic Wisconsin acres, more or less,  with miles of mowed trails that meander through the hills, valleys, trees and rock formations; plus another mile long trail along both sides of the driveway.

52.39 CRP ACRES of New Growth Woods are in CRP paying $122.25 per acre or $6504 per year. The CRP contract expires 9/30/2023. This New Growth Woods is part of the MFL lands below. In 1994, we planted 6000 Black Walnut trees, 8,000 oaks, 2000 Maples and 16,000 pines.

The pines can be harvested anytime by us or a future owner – while retaining some pines for scenic purposes. Most pines have died between the valley black walnut trees (which are toxic to the pines), or will die as the hardwood canopy shades them out.

The Walnuts and hardwoods are the “goldmine” or an investment projected to be worth millions in future years. The first harvest will be about 2035 and will thin-for-profit trees and improve future growth of remaining Walnuts and hardwoods for a big-profit-harvest in about 2050.


Tree and timber rights are included in the home and land and trees price of $2,200,000 price.

See website on Growing Walnut Trees for Profit. Black Walnut logs bring premium prices, and have since the 1700s, with single trees bringing up to $20,000 if veneer quality. Our trees have had the lower branches removed to increase the amount of veneer quality. Bruce Thompson, author of “Black Walnut For Profit,” estimate a mature stand of black walnut trees overtime can bring $100,000 per acre in timber value alone depending on number and quality and size of the trees. We have 52 acres of Black Walnut and Hardwoods and Pines and about 30 acres of old growth timber. Even half that value would be great!

‎Harvesting or thinning of Black Walnut trees can begin in about 2035 and full growth maturity in about 2050.

Meanwhile new trees are growing for future harvests. Re-forestation of hardwoods is an additional benefit throughout the future.


There are about 28 acres of Old Growth Timber along a horseshoe ridge. It can be thinned soon to allow more growth of desired hardwoods and the new Walnut trees squirrels are planting in the old growth hillside. The Old Growth is part of the Managed Forest Lands.

In December, 31, 2021 the MFL will expire and a clear-cut harvest could be possible and best for establishing a strong regrowth of the old hardwoods (oak, cherry, hickory. Black Walnut etc) on the Old Growth Hillside. Estimated verbal clear-cut value in late 2018 by a timber mill of the 30 acres of old growth is $3600-$4000 per acre or about $108,000 to $120,000. With lumber prices on the rise… who knows how much can be made in harvesting.  Clear-cut of the old growth may not be necessary or desired under managed forest program as many mature trees could be left for seeding and beauty.


THIS LAND is currently rented for $150.00 per acre to a neighbor. The rate is low. It helps pay the taxes. The cropland is in two fields with woods in between where a future building site may be located on the West 40 acres of the property. Cropland could be planted with hardwoods or other profitable trees or 1 crop field might make a great area for horses and the other field might make a great pond area for viewing from a potential building site in the 8-10 acres of pines and hardwoods between the two fields. Or, profitable trees could be planted on the tillable land in a CRP program and MFL program. Or, raising marijuana for CBD Oil may bring great returns.

7. the 3-4 ACRES OF DRIVEWAY, more or less, that is shared by agreement with a neighbor and any new land division if necessary.


80+ Acres of Managed Forest Land consists of the 52.39 acres of CRP land (above) and most of the old growth forest (above).

The Managed Forest Land program provides a tax savings. The MFL contract expires in 2021. Our MFL is taxed at $2.00 per acre vs about $50 per acre for a wooded acre. A new MFL will begin in 2022.

The 52.39 acres of CRP or new growth fields were planted in 1994 with 32,000 seedlings, half pines and half hardwoods including 6,000 Black Walnut Trees.  The Walnut & Hardwood Groves were culled about 2008 and can be culled anytime soon of crowding and crooked trees.

Thinning or culling of the Black Walnut and hardwood trees allows for the best growth of the remaining hardwoods.


In the future, Fitchburg WI and Verona WI will be bordering our land and the potential for future subdivision will be great. Envision twenty-four 4-5-acre lots @ $250,000 each…



Goodwill, cameorose.com website, email list, business name. Does not include antiques, furniture, furnishings, dishes, etc – see business property below.

For the Bahr’s, the bed and breakfast has provided them with sufficient income that is mostly tax free due to depreciation of the home, furnishings, car, etc and deducting 65% of most expenses -heat, electricity, phone and 50% of groceries.

We are now in semi-retirement mode and have cut advertising and require a 2-night minimum on weekends. Less strict policies,  hotel like cancellation policies, and using OTA’S (online travel agencies) like Expedia.com, BedandBreakfast.com, Bookings.com would likely increase business and gross income. We always controlled the income and were happy with our earnings. Our maximum B&B gross was $120,000.

ADD THE BUSINESS PROPERTY: $ too be determined.

Or B&B room furnishings, decorations, etc and outdoor items will be inventoried and priced separately and sold by agreement or auctioned.

** Excluded from dining room: Richardson solid oak dining table, chairs and matching cabinet.

** Excluded from kitchen:  Dining table and chairs and antique cabinets.


A: Stay a couple days and look the real estate over.

B: For a complete showing of the home and land, make a showing appointment, bring a letter from your bank showing you have the money to purchase the Cameo Rose inn and land.


Wild Land Properties Team, First Weber Realty

2985 Triverton Pike Dr, Madison, WI 53711

Alex Weber – Cell: 608-333-8599 alex.weber@firstweber.com

Eric Grover – Cell: 608-444-2900, Office: 608-835-8506  grovere@firstweber.com

Chris Davis – 608-201-5340, davisc@firstweber.com

Sellers:  Dawn and Gary Bahr, 1090 Severson Road, Belleville, WI 53508 –  Phone 608-424-6340




Gary L. Bahr and Dawn C. Bahr, as Co-Trustees of the Gary and Dawn Bahr Revocable Trust U/D/T dated January 19, 2018.

ELECTRONIC OFFER & OTHER FORMS MAY BE REQUIRED IF WE LIST ON MLS.  Allow at least 10 days for seller’s attorney to review an offer.

RADON SYSTEM has been installed.

SELLERS would be interested in renting the back part or 1994 addition while building their new home.

DEPOSIT: An additional $200,000 non-refundable deposit is required 30 DAYS PRIOR TO CLOSING if the seller needs to move out before closing .




SEPTIC EASEMENT IF APPLICABLE: A current septic agreement is provided to a neighbor just South of the Pond and home/inn.

THE ROOF:  Roof is in very good condition and likely to last to 2028. Roof is steeper than usual and should last longer than usual.